The Trust has clearly outlined the respective roles and responsibilities of the Trust, Local Governing Body(ies) and Senior Leadership Team(s) (see the diagram in the attached document).

Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust

The Trust will meet three times (at the end of each term) but receive the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.

The focus of the Trust will be

·         Standards and achievements across the Trust’s schools;
·         Efficiency and effectiveness of executive leadership and services across the schools;
·         The strategic direction of the Trust as it responds to local and national demands and policy.
The Trust will be the employer of all staff, with staff contracts identifying which school individual members of staff teach / work at. There will be no change to current employees’ contracts relating to their place of work. New appointments may be to either to one school or across both depending on the nature of the post. The priority will be to ensure that the Trust is able to appoint and retain excellent teaching and non-teaching staff to the benefit of both schools.
Local Governing Body(ies)
The Local Governing Bodies are focused upon the individual school contexts, monitoring standards and achievement and their local community needs and aspirations.
·         Setting strategic priorities and plans
·         Monitoring standards and achievement within the school
·         Engaging with all stakeholders to improve outcomes
·         Supporting and positively challenging practices within the school, through the SLT.
There will be two main LGB sub-committees : ‘Standards and Ethos’ and ‘Achievement and Inclusion’ – there may also be other committees as required by the individual academy's needs.
Trust’s Executive Committees
Whilst the Trust’s schools will be separate institutions with their own individual funding arrangements, the Trust will establish two executive committees to oversee the effective and efficient deployment and management of resources and staffing across the two schools : Finance and Personnel. This will significantly reduce the demands on the Local Governing Bodies with
·         consistent policies and systems across the Trust’s schools to support Governance;
·         efficiency savings in terms of leadership and management;
·         opportunities, through economies of scale, to develop key expertise in specialist areas;
·         monitor the deployment of resources to maximise impact on standards in both schools.
The Chairs of the two Executive Committees will be appointed by the Trust with membership reflecting the expertise and experience on the current Committees at Swavesey. Systems will be developed that are consistent across both schools to ensure there is consistent reporting and therefore monitoring.