Northstowe is a planned new town for up to 10,000 new homes between Cambridge and Swavesey. It will have its own town centre, schools, employment and a comprehensive public transport network.

In 2009, CMAT was successful in winning a competition to establish the secondary school and post-16 provision in Northstowe. The respective bids are attached below.
These were significant decisions for the Trust – both in terms of endorsing the ethos and achievements as well as securing the long term position as it responds to growth in Cambridgeshire.
CMAT’s proposals, which were described by the Council as ‘innovative and ambitious’, were the result of nearly five years’ research at Swavesey Village College, reflecting the very best practice in education.
The town’s development was significantly affected by the economic downturn. However, progress is again being made and CMAT is playing a leading role as the 11 - 19 school promoter in discussion over the revised schedules of the development. The powerpoint presentation attached was shown at a public meeting in Longstanton in October 2013, and shows further details for the initial development of the secondary school and the projected timelines and admissions statement.
CMAT has a growing confidence and ambition to take its visions and values further as a result of the successful partnership between Nene Park Academy and Swavesey Village College.
The Trust’s expertise puts it in an excellent position to be able to undertake this new venture. The Trust brings a wealth of relevant knowledge and experience to the table, coupled with real determination and a commitment to innovative thinking and practice.