Trust Aims

Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust exists to provide, support and champion the provision of high quality education at the heart of local communities.

The Trust aims to create a family of academy schools (academies) at all levels (primary, secondary and post-16 and with links to further and higher education) working together – and with others - to ensure the highest educational standards.  We will achieve this by using economies of scale and breadth of experience to build expertise capacity and investment in our academies, and by example and through support to foster continuous improvement in education across our communities.
Trust academies have common values and operational systems, which they apply locally, reflecting their individuality and local context. They retain their own governing bodies and identities
As members of the CMAT family, Trust academies aim to unite pupils, parents, local communities and businesses around a common sense of purpose, and to share experience and resources to improve standards and their contribution to their communities. 
Staff at Trust academies are employed centrally and we seek to use their experience and knowledge to the benefit of the whole family - helping spread best practice, and also offering career development opportunities.
The Trust’s vision is not limited to its own family of academies which will be located close to its origins in Cambridgeshire.  It will also champion, enable and support the delivery of its vision by example and through the links it builds with other schools, educational providers, local authorities and local businesses. 
Our Vision
High quality educational provision for all at the heart of our communities.
Our Mission
To deliver, promote and inspire high quality educational provision at the heart of our communities so that:
  • Every child is a successful learner, confident individual and responsible and employable citizen.
  • Every school is a hub for community activities, centre for extended services and source of immense pride.
Our Values
  • The pursuit of excellence
  • Valuing people
  • Achievement for all
  • A high quality learning environment
  • Extending the boundaries of learning