Trust Partners

Trust Member
Contribution to the Trust
Nominated Trustee of The University of Cambridge
Nominated Trustee :
Shirley Jamieson
The University of Cambridge is committed to bringing the following kinds of expertise and activities to the Trust:
  • Commitment to, and experience of, providing excellence in teaching, learning and research
  • Awareness of the needs of the academic curriculum
  • Advice and input on curriculum development and priorities
  • Expertise different education sector in terms of resources management.
  • Ideas and experiences of commercial involvement and engagement to promote enterprise.
Nominated Trustee representing the eight partner primary schools:
Jane Handy 
Building upon existing partnership working, draw upon the expertise in the primary sector to deliver consistent and seamless progression through both the primary and secondary phases.
  • Expertise in early and primary curriculum
  • Excellent practice in teaching and learning
  • Commitment to develop mutual cross-phase working
  • A model of transition and progression preparing children in their move to secondary school.
  • Shared commitment to seamless support for E.C.M. and families through effective locality working.
  • Representatives of the communities served by the Trust
Eastern Leadership Centre (Charitable Trust committed to leadership and innovation in education)
Nominated Trustee :
Grant Bage (Chief Executive)
The College has developed close working relationships with E.L.C. through school improvement, staff development and student leadership projects.
Expertise as a national provider of staff professional development and training courses;
  • Commitment to developing leadership opportunities within education for both staff and students;
  • Access to a network of experienced professionals with a track record of school achievement;
  • Commitment to supporting and promoting innovation in education;
  • International education links and research focused on school improvement and models of education; 
Business partner
Nominated Trustee :
Mark Squires, Head of Communications, Nokia Corporation
As a Specialist College and through Governance, the College has seen the benefit of the energy and expertise that business partners can contribute to raising standards and school improvement:
  • Commitment to innovation and excellence
  • Awareness of the needs of the commercial sector eg skills, knowledge, experience required in industry
  • Action planning and project management skills
  • Positive non-educational challenge to educational practice
  • Barometer for academic and vocational developments
  • Specialised expertise on business and organisational management eg personnel, public relations, finance, ICT
  • Awareness of national and international dimensions